Just One Word


Possess unknown hidden power

To impact & change conditions

Capable to make or mar future

May not have imagine to result


Art of the words management

Balance & administer role of

The word presence & absence

To move & lead any situation


Single word of the information

Takes away all fears of anxiety

Change restless mind to peace

Assuring welfare & good time


Amazing magic of kind words

With compassion care & love

Inspire new vision of courage

And hopes of promising ways


Words have capacity to strike

Best desired deals of intention

Win trust support of everyone

And achieve satisfying wishes


Necessary & wise to remember

Suddenly uttered wrong words

Hit & hurt much to the listener

And remains as painful wound


Careless words create enmity

Confusion & undue problems

Spoil & end dear connections

Cause dismay of only regrets


Similarly one word of caution

Conveying unexpected ill fate

Shock all concern with worry

Of facing unknown adversity


Just one word enough

To soothe one & give smiles

Or shatter & grieve in tears

Once uttered, canít undone

By return call of the owner



Music now Playing "Do you Think"

Composed & Played by John Torp


Used with permission

Background by John Torp



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