Learning from failures

  Learning from failures


Learning from failures


There seem very few people

Take failures of life positive

Rather than irritate in vain

As things donít change then


But calmly strive analyzing

Root cause as look outcome

Unexpected crash of matter

Maybe lapse didnít predict


And think if look a way-out

Effort make feasible revise

Or at least be some salvage

As lessen the damage made


Also frank admit own fault

Take vow watch not repeat

Consider failure like lesson

As step-stone succeed later


And determine arise again

With force feel fresh vigor

By all the inner will power

As expect just success then


All brave heart know well

Nothing is easy get realize

And need daring progress

As move testing time path


May meet failure anytime

No matter be own mistake

Or cruelty of nasty upshot

Or feel be fated hard luck


Emerge base hit hard self

And near & dear ones too

Cause anxiety as concern

Still wise not to lose hope


Decide suffer see own lot

And frustrate in distress

Feel each negative belief

Then fail find wish relief


But if rise face adversity

See failure as not defeat

As gain good experience

Enrich feel finest option


There is always new day

Chance work better way

Amid extra care caution

Sense effect wish situate



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