Life is Beautiful


Do you ever think & view

In the moments of silence

Wonderful gift of the life

We enjoy as rare fortune


How much awesome feels

If we wish care to imagine

Find be priceless precious

And the unique of its kind


How well devised systems

Of the automatic working

Programmed to function

In perfect link of network


Might amaze importance

And comfort of usage joy

While find some problem

Disturbing the normalcy


So what if life is not easy

Seem written with tears

Since nothing faced right

And endless testing times


Why suffer feel hopeless

Remember law of nature

Nothing remains forever

So bad time too will pass


If have a look from within

To count treasure of bless

Sure will delight & happy

In the light of hidden facts


God has kind grace for all

That needs visualize & felt

Not to miss the likely luck

But grasp and hold on


 Not to ever think disregard

This beautiful gift of Life



Music now Playing:

"If I could live my life again"

Composed & Played by John Torp

Used with Permission

Background by John Torp



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