Life is bitter & also sweet

  Life is bitter & also sweet


Life is bitter & also sweet


Some times life seem move slow

As feel look twist & roll adverse

And emerge effect live bad spell

Of endless state of only despair


Day after day arise & see go

But how sad can foresee no hope

And frustrate further feel worse

In agony of fated hard time situate


There seem everything go wrong

And efforts made only in vain

Sure destiny like make me suffer

As if take toll for some due


Try collecting now no notice

Unable guess for how long

And imagine be how much

But seem compel got tolerate


But no need feel dishearten

And decide bear in fortitude

As face let whatever trouble

And duly deal with courage


Faith nothing can stay forever

As bound subject to change 

So may strive happen in favour

With your Will & strong Wish


Fight like a brave lone warrior

Who never give up own aim

But see proceed outshine resist

As grasp the power within


And insight invisible light

Be driving force of new zeal

Help reach better tomorrow

And delight find dream vision


Really we can rest assured

Even if some life span is bitter

There are sweet moments too

Be enough live through life


 Music now Playing "Time goes slow in the desert"

Composed & Played by John Torp

Used with Permission

Background by John Torp


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