Life is Like That



You easily get things you do not want

And hardly get things you need badly

You continue to find big compulsions

But strive hard to fulfill small wishes


May decide to forgo deserved things

And bear with all challenging things

But miss correct things of right time

And get perfect things at wrong time


You may be deprive of craved things

And bound to pursue possible things

You may succeed achievements fully

But no joy of reaching planned goals


You may be contented but unhappy

Or be happy one & still Grumbling

You run to acquire every life riches

But can not see real valuable things


You may dislike unknown dealings

But may not have option to Escape

You wish bliss of dear interactions

But at mercy of ones destined Fate


You may plead Almighty extra time

But will never get extra grace Time

You pray God to end current inning

But unfortunately can not find Exit




Music now playing "Life is not so easy"

Composed and Played by John Torp

Used with permission


Background by John Torp


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