Life is luck game


  Life is luck game

Life is luck game


We always plan things

Expect flow wish way

Believe honest efforts

Help reach own goal


And be happy then

Gain ease & peace

Of comfortable life

For self & dear one


But never so simple

While may imagine

Secret ways of fate

Shock goes against


Anytime abruptly

Like big surprise

Force face reality

Of difficulty blow


Upshot as destiny

Treat us as pawn

Enjoy bang easy

And defeat soon


But permit please

Let live or keenly

Desire be blissful

Of long for crave


Then thrill snatch

Even little blesses

Turn be stressful

Tense & helpless


Only can pray beg

Kind bless favours

As just mercy bliss

Anxious might get


Thence look forget

May do anything

Never please fate

Grant care smile


So be own choice

Try live patience

Or upset in pain

And cry go crazy