Life is very precious


  Life is very precious


Life is very precious


One may or not wish think

But human life is precious

Gift given by God to us all

So must take suitable care


None have power to know

After how long wait might

Chance being born human

Mean do deeds in life span


And when maybe abruptly

Get return call from above

Require wait again as soul

Until destiny allow reborn


So we must effort our best

Aim things for self & ours

And all unrelated relation

As can fulfill wish & want


Live happy & also support

Helpless & arouse courage

Fight fate & live life better

As sight own hidden talent


True life is sea sail trouble

Compel undergo adversity

Also despair of frustration

As always find unfair deal


Due to bad luck of lacking

Right place power, money

Or suffer sickness trouble

And ability enjoy own say


As all are never look here

Get every crave very easy

But struggle avail longing

Of necessary things in life


Yet may find fair weather

Stretch of magical chance

Keep on satisfy & delight

And wish thank Almighty


Also feel His amazing art

Create all of us so unique

In look feature shape size

Voice tone & flair insight


But some peculiar people

Disregard & try spoil life

Indulge bad habit call for

Harm & spot hate tell off


And some use like handy

Tool as panic own caring

Agree own wish demand

Yell will end life if reject


Also can find some tired

Of illness utter want end

But in fact bad condition

Patient also pray survive


Visualize life be precious

With dread of likely lose

See depart own & things

Then got to leave behind


Music now Playing "In this world"

Composed & Played by John Torp

Used with Permission

Background by John Torp



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