Life Journey

  Life Journey

Life Journey


Years may come & years may go

Some go fast, get over very fast

Think as if within blink of eyes

As live happy see things go fine


But some years feel move slow

Full of hard luck & dismal time

Appear as if endless misfortune

Maybe will never leave its grip


But our life journey keeps on

As per predestine pack of fate

That just bound come to light

And grant delight or be upset


Whilst never hear plea of any

Stop a while get breathe time

Or hear any of craving plead

Enhance pleasant time of joy


Certainly nothing here looks

In the control of poor human

Then best flow along destiny

Live ups & down as turn out


Consider life is precious gift

To us all from superior God

So we have to take due care

And thank Him with smiles


Please believe me say fact

Nothing can be permanent

Neither good nor bad time

So be fighter & not quitter


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