Life of Senior Citizens


Everybody sails through the sea of time span before reaching the shore of the Seniority in life. There may be the clouds of rough weather hardships and struggles of testing time & also the stretches of fair weather bliss of the happy moments. The circumstances of the journey enrich the sailors with the new and innovative out looks as also the ways of essential moves to maximize the benefit & minimize losses. The times of Success and Failures and own ability to handle them, make for the valuable invisible asset called experience.


The nature teaches everyone the unwritten different lessons of life & also tests the given understanding on various occasions. Those who succeed with the individual technique become knowledge based pillars of the family, social standings or be the masters of the norms and methods in the pertinent fields. However, who all fail due to whatever are the reasons, get rejected in the tough race of life.  Such people face the misery of finding any place where ever they may go or even in own house for that matter to their bad luck.


More often than not, the seniors would have gone through a lot to reach and accomplish the desired level of life style and fulfill the wishes of the self and their near and dear ones. They may have sacrificed not only self wishes but even the necessities of life to provide and help their dependants to get comfortable happy life. It becomes the unbearable painful & pathetic condition when they are disregarded or ignored by own people. They desire and expect due respect with the needed support at the juncture of weak, tired or probably sick part of their balance life. They are seeking the security and crave for the care & concern for their feelings. But, they are treated like unwanted souls of head aches & disturbance who are encroaching upon the others freedom of life. It is really sad to see own children misbehaving & inflicting insults for no genuine reasons. To top it up, many a times they do not even hesitate to drive them out of the house or force them to live in old age homes. 


Perhaps, youngsters do not bother to think about the other side of the coin which may turn around likewise one day. If they do, surely would fear the possibility of history getting repeated, when the juniors copy & follow the same ways of treatments during their old age.  


It is the thinking and the attitude make for the bitter views on the subject matter. What is thought to be the interference may in fact be the worry to save dependants from unforeseen future troubles. Any difference of opinion can be resolved with tactful cool conversation. One should think oneself to be lucky to have the benefit of rich experiences of the seniors without efforts. The seniors are like seasoned batsmen to predict and play with any move which novice can not imagine. The positive thinking & wisely thought over actions can always save the hard feelings on both the sides & develop the harmony with ease. When well wish comes in, welfare is bound to prevail and there can be Win-Win situation on both the sides.


A word of caution for the seniors too, if they happen to be self centered & dominating type. It is very necessary that they learn to control anger, ego, imaginary fears and feeling of loneliness. Moreover, they should also correct the nature of exercising authority by uttering abusive language which will not only be detrimental for self but lead to loosing all the respect in the family. They will not be able to command their position if they try to impose any force on new and younger generations who are mostly short tempered, impulsive & arrogant at times. Any talk of beneficial ways of life also will not appeal, till they are convinced about the merits of the suggestions. A patient hearing without prejudice & friendly tone may win the confidence & trust. That point of time if their some wishes are gracefully accepted, it would promote cordial feelings even if the out come turn to be unfruitful.


The seniors are thought to be useless material and the seniority stage of life a curse to bear till can find the exit. This negative thinking and out look is the joint contributory venture of self & others in question. If one decides to declare the end of the inning before the actual end and give up the enthusiasm of play, nothing can activate active stand of importance and satisfaction of achievements. Basically, you are and you will be treated as one with your own makings and adopted pattern of living. Everyone has been blessed with some special expertise of varied degree of excel in the different fields of the task options. One can select the suitable one & shine with the own contributions which could be unique & of its kind to be creditable forever. There are innumerable examples of exemplary seniors who became the source of inspiration & pioneer guide of the success ways for others and even created the history.


It is wrong notion with many that on crossing the age of 60 years, one should wind up all activities & completely retire. They should better confine themselves in some religious things, take care of household chores & look after grand children. However, there is no age bar for taking up desired but unfulfilled activity of younger stage of life & try to realize the cherished dreams. One can learn anything at any stage of life and master it with efforts and devotion. One can also become useful with own initiative in routine small household matters too and enjoy place of respect. The motto of “Nothing is Impossible” with determination may make the magic wonders of accomplishments.


However, one can do things only per own strength and spirit. The self capacity assessment has to be honest & logical to save the disappointments and likely hurt of becoming the laughing stock. It is important to take due care of health & adhere to healthy habits to safe guard against any sickness & obviate the need for others help. It is also paramount need to make proper financial plans of own earned assets of life, to ensure smooth flow of income till end & avoid dependence or be at mercy on any one for any necessities of life.


The Glory of the Senior Citizen none can ever deny or deprive, when their worthy contribution display their values to the world. At the same time that is also true that every one is not blessed with such fortune. Still would be wise not to feel dejected with own fate & decide to ensure precious gift of human life from becoming gloomy & wasted.



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