Liking likely to change


  Liking likely to change


Liking likely to change


We believe our liking selection

At one point of time be forever

As go with own life standpoint

Believe create life peaceful one


Can pertain to any living being

Feel very blissful when interact

Or any of lots of material thing

Please ease of normal use habit


Also have dream reach set aim

Achieve something good in life

Picture attain place of honour

Satisfy all hold in high regard


But that is not so easy anyhow

Get influenced & governed by

Clear & invisible life pressure

Cause live many compromises


Maybe induce as only way out

Or may see no harm shift alter

As want value wish of own one

Infer can well turnout as okay


Sometime the preference taste

Appear change like a surprise

So as to please someone in life

As desire show sincere respect


Again change in life condition

Due to age, place, move group

And sorry state of own & near

Forces overlook all like dislike


Assume maintain at least peace

But never know sight as reality

If burn within control own feel

Faith be powerless do anything


Much more so when depend on

Kind favour of beloved related

Have own priority strain in life

View different thing important


Really how strange feel of ours

Always crave fulfill own wishes

And upset when fail see realize

Despite know trouble own nice


As such like-dislike of each one

Continue changing all the time

And result good or bad situate

Find for time being or forever


But wise regard right of others

Hold & also change own liking

As everyone bound want enjoy

Think no reason clarify why so


Music now Playing "If I could live my life again"

Composed & Played by John Torp

Used with Permission

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