Live like a Lion


No matter the testing times

Or facing of many trials

Trying limits of patience

And ability to withstand 


No matter nothing go right

And no path seem smooth

All efforts leading failures

Giving nothing but dismay


No matter forever bad luck

And unfair deals in life

Depriving good chance

To achieve any success


No matter none to support

And extend kind grace

With care and concern

In despair of the plight


No matter lost to know why

And where to get answer

How long and how much

Have to forbear in stride


No matter God can not bless

In the least for a while

As fate unable to grant

Any favor of happiness


No matter no way to escape

Written destiny of Life

Or find place of solace

Still will live like a Lion

Can die but not defeated


Music now playing "My Swing"

Composed & Played by John Torp

Used with permission

Background by John Torp


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