Live own life lot with Smiles


  Live own life lot with Smiles


Live own life lot with Smiles


There is none in the world say

His, her life has full happiness

Since live things as may want

Thus find achievement in life


Moreover nothing needs wait

In anxiety think when can get

Or whether at all will get that

Live glad then feel how lucky


But this state can exist only in

World of utopia & be faraway

From the facts of bitter reality

When each one has to struggle


Endure the destined difficulty

And find manner to cope with

Also workout means to realize

Wish goal along priority chart


Though unsure of any success

Be glad if achieve & sad if fail

Depend on own ability & luck

Help reach desired state in life


Here is no use frustrate & feel

Desperate & anguish observe

No chance fulfill long for wish

As not in destiny or undue yet


Power above know in advance

Onset of terrible blow hit soon

However does not stop happen

But mutely watch us in misery


Hence why to blame anybody

Behave bad cause harsh hurt

While fault is amid cruel fate

Allow such mean unfair treat


Be sure we got no power able

Fight against our fated future

Or plan escapes the suffering

So sensible to dare withstand


It is for us decide own option

Exist agitated suffer in agony

Or make possible efforts find

Useful way for peace of relief


In this world very few worry

And sincerely feel for others

But enjoy as if gossip matter

And try to give much advice


But own positive attitude feel

Inspire right action easy cope

Adversity of misfortune soon

This in fact is only vital need


Who can know God may feel

Sad one day image our plight

And decide grant mercy bless

Set something right as satisfy


As such if learn stand own lot

With smiles without complain

World may not look very bad

Delight some bliss for a while



Music now Playing "Are you happy with your life"

Composed & Played by John Torp 

Used with Permission




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