Lone Souls


Every living being is naturally Social

And comfortable in desired Company

To share & seek support in Suffering

And multiply joy of hearty Happiness


Fright of Likely or Factual loneliness

And feels of scared isolation horrifies

Resulting many ailments & disorders

Leading to the lack of Interest in Life


Many times see imaginary evil events

And undergo the influence of disaster

Tending to loose all behavior balance

And make for the awful Botherations


One may wish for Loving associations

Be personal, social or official Natures

But depth & duration, destiny decides

And not within the Control of Mortals


No one with no One, each life Moment

Facing & bearing own Loads of forces

Feeling all Alone, among many around

Or find with so Many in spiritual state


Life can be Lively & to heart’s content

By Positive Attitude & inner Strengths

With choice of Interest area of activity

And the Satisfying State of Well -being



Music now playing “Alone”

Composed & played by John Torp


Used with permission



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