Look at expected facts


Natural feeling before interacting

With unknown & also known ones

So as to safe guard future troubles

And save disappointment of result


Inner mind always fear outsiders

Caution care against likely deceit

Cause the undue sudden tensions

Get into hot waters of no redress


But view to feel secured and easy

Whilst interact with any insiders

And inspired to accept any deals

Owing to confidence of intention


Although actual facts get reveal

Only after lapse of certain time

Confirm or contradict wisdom

To ones satisfaction or despair


One may wonder with surprise

Find reverse imagined pictures

Of own ones worst than enemy

Be selfish crafty serve self ends


While unexpected of unrelated

Prove kind nice & very helpful

With glimpse of generous ways

Feel be placed as special person


Beyond human powers envisage

Who can do what all and why so

Lead that may be in ones future

Perhaps God alone may answer


Wise not wish follow blind faith

And be vigilant of moving state

Not feel unhappy suffer unduly

Nor miss out blesses of delights


Music now Playing :-

"Oh how I long to be back again"

Composed & Played by John Torp


Used with Permission

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