Lost chance be missed the bus


  Lost chance be missed the bus


Lost chance be missed the bus


Many a times we look into past

Feel about the lost life chances

When sit in the silence of night

View what had origin the blow


And could visualize once again

The full episode as had happen

Assess honestly locate the fault

How seem own, others & fated


And logic if be lapse care extra

Guard any calamity stop harm

Or got fixed innocent feel upset

See deeds of related so horrible


Let reasons look maybe within

Or seem beyond human power

Have swift control on adversity

And succeed stop damage done


Then can no way escape suffer

As watch law of nature punish

Find craved chance sight gone

Never hear please return pray


Show only as if the missed bus

If can catch when appear okay

If fail be hard luck only regret

Since ply pickup the fortunate


Whenever destiny sense please

With anyone & decide be kind

Assist realize the dream desire

Also bless amazing pleased life


But no way easy thing as grab

Wished chance when see arise

Not know can be like fun play

Of fate delight defeat poor we


Still got live alert all the time

Grasp nice chance as happen

As useless be sad realize later

Be bliss & again miss the bus



Music now Playing "If I could live my life again"

Composed & Played by John Torp

Used with Permission

Background by John Torp








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