Love is Divine


It is indeed a wonderful feeling

May pertain to any relationship

Live selfless, sincere & supreme

Beyond the worldly relation Tag


Indeed the amazing feel of heart

Making life contented & happy

To move along the positive path

Show the right actions & result


Value unconditional & absolute

And never think equate self gain

But seems go by own sentiments

Sense towards involved concern


There canít be any compulsions

Or obligation rest on either side

After all not like a business deal

Hopes to look for return benefit


Wrong think will bind by force

And persuade to fulfill the wish

But leave it develop at free will

Spread its wings fly own height


The invisible powers will decide

Relate & lead the reciprocation

While connect the concern ones

With past birth connection view


Thus useless to despair in worry

Also blame the own unkind fate

Unable to meet the expectations

And miss to grasp the luck bliss


Wise to submit self to the nature

And quietly flow with the destiny

May catch fragrance of lovely air

When happen to blow sometimes


There are many faces of the love

On varying level of the intensity

Hence respect all state be happy

And thank God for amazing gift

Of 'Divine Love' blessing delight


Music now Playing "Love has many faces"

Composed & Played by John Torp

Used with Permission

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