Luck is Funny


We canít imagine why so

But luck seems be funny

 Try fools around with us

Play hide-and-seek game


Suddenly comes our way

When least expected find

Give the surprise delight

Of fulfilling dear desires


And at times may vanish

In just blinks of eyes too

Snatch away ones wishes

Effect only hurt despairs


Sometimes could deceive

Appear help move intent

Whilst well within reach

But turn away in no time


But helpless do anything

Despite any begging plea

Please extend kind grace

And get blessed feel glad


Thus is wise to remember

 As mind well bitter truth

About presence of the gap

Between cup and the lips


So no use frets in dejects

And let life flows destiny

Then luck sees not worth

Treat one be nice targets

And have all the fun time

Enjoy see one disappoint


Music now Playing "Do you know"

Composed & Played by John Torp

Used with Permission

Background "Purpl103.gif" taken from

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