Lucky Soul-mates



  Lucky Soul-mates


Lucky Soul-mates


That happen is auspicious day

Unite the soul-mates on earth

Who lived as only be stranger

Until see like rare divine bliss


Marriage got solemnized well

Stop live the solitary life then

Expect all the wished support

Share the pleasure & sorrows


And long for moment arrives

Fondly hold feels hearty love

Lost in trance world of peace

And amaze state of happiness


Wish be nice if time can take

 Halt for a while & stop move

Permit has content of delight

Oh! Dear seem may go crazy


Couple lives the life together

And live what comes as wise

Be glad while have nice time

And not despair if hard time


Can understand each other

Even without tell any thing

Change self to suit situation

Stand gives feasible respite


As time passes by fly away

The love also mature along

But donít reduce even a bit

As are made for each other


Still every one mortal only

Go by supreme return call

And say bye to near-dears

Move find heavenly abode


But fate will have no heart

Do them set apart & suffer

So blesses depart together

Journey along in company

And meet on earth reborn


Music now Playing "Hold me"

Composed & Played by John Torp

Used with Permission

Background by John Torp






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