Matter of Importance


  Matter of Importance


Matter of Importance


All has got right to decide

What is important & not

Although worth of choice

Sure get disclose later on

Be sensible or how futile


Status & rights are vital

Command respect of say

But danger to loose grip

While be weak or absent

Or exceed bearing limits


Money is assumed power

Support affluent nice life

But efforts to amass that

Get no time to enjoy self

And left behind as legacy


Feel have many degrees

Vision ensure desire job

With fat salary package

But fail see attach tasks

If unable perform loose


Self ego misuse position

Sense none see & smell

As crave serve self ends

Overlook if gets expose

Sure ruin the entire life


Some like scare people

Dare offends pay for it

Whereas some are glad

Be kind help with smile

Exist in nice noble way


To some long life is luck

Hope enjoy live as likes

And some pray get bliss

Get content of nice time

No matter be life tenure


As such each one has got

Own view of importance

Pertain to all life matter

As move along in the life

And experience the effect


Music now Playing "It is so peaceful"

Composed & Played by John Torp

Used with Permission

Background by John Torp


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