Matter of opted choice


  Matter of opted choice


Matter of opted choice


The usual experience of ours

Need decide the own choice

At each & every stage of life

Relate the small & big thing


And hope future may testify

Show that how good or bad

Emerge live much valuable

Or turn hasty & useless one


Is like a continuous process

Keep us alert & thoughtful

Guard well self interest and

Also decide just for concern


Itís a great joy make choice

What might like or dislikes

See affect not only own life

But would effect connected


So very vital visualize well

Possibility of desired result

Understand if occur failure

Can basis crisis for related


Right or wrong choice may

Be own free will or impose

By senior one in the family

Or what have look feasible


Can be timely inspired like

Find the wished-for wishes

Or made out of compulsion

Think useful aid dependent


Can intend satisfy self ego

Crave compete in jealousy

Whilst the heat of moment

Even if might regret result


Can err select believe nice

Sight prospect of the gains

And easy ignore likely risk

May or not able withstand


Can prove so tempting like

Seem everything effortless

And can obtain high return

But this choice danger ruin


There can be many options

We may choose any please

But wise bear in mind own

Bless of ability & the spirit


Then only can be successful

Achieve dream desire in life



Music now Playing "I have my dream"

Composed & Played by John Torp

Used with Permission






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