May fail but not defeated


Naturally nobody expect meet the failure in any matter whether be small least important thing or look very crucial & craved for long awaited desire of the life see get fulfilled after having struggle so hard.


Maybe concern personal life desires, relate to welfare wish for own near & dears, pertain to the official matters consider duty in any capacity or try to work any project as social service to benefit even unknown people but suppose can advantage many feel please.


However, must remember well that the outcome may or not match the planned wish result due to some unknown reasons like a big surprise.


But there is nothing to feel disheartened in grave despair of agony & should accept that as reality happen at times with us all despite all the care & diligent efforts like hard luck only. 


Always those who attempt want achieve something in life, seem face danger of failure as well. So need be brave enough sustain the blow of destiny & decide try again with in fact extra force of zeal think new strategy to proceed & persist aim with patience until succeed.


And for that purpose though may feel bad & sad for the moment of the occurrence of failure, must sense spirit recover from gloom not let feel defeated anyway. Also be wise think for self or hear the good advice of well wisher understand if have failed on particular instance so what, life is not lost for sure & find fresh chance to grip hope next time see new day keep arise every day.


But that promising prospect can be grabbed only if one analyze the cause of prior failure with open mind & at least be honest admit to self realize what seem went wrong so that can guard well with due caution stop fail like in past as if history look repeat then.


There can be many possibilities hinder the hopeful time of dream world. That maybe own mistake, blunder through oversight, over confidence lapse, faulty estimate of plan, lack of close monitoring & short fall in effort input for any reason but canít be excused.


And above all work of fated destiny no one can predict & duly control. As such we mortal have no choice but bear in fortitude & wait turn kind bless success one day while continue to sweat with determination of will.      


Also though may sound how strange but many hopes be successful like a magic gift of bliss without makes any effort as achieve the intended aim. But they appear born lucky suffer no failures find things to wishes & enjoy even unexpected goodies too, so no question of fight back any defeat feels. But that kind is very few & believe be the special exception only.


So better not think about such fortunate few fret in vain & be realistic know own state as can do best feel might & leave decision of feasible fruits to the powers above, faith sincere efforts of rightful rights bound to force fate to smile at last grant blissful time chance delight.


It is definite that destined fate none can change & obviously disappoint when see fail on any occasion but if one prove have guts not get defeated, can expect exist overcome any crisis.



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