May you Feel


How I wish you view for a while

Nice days we had spent together

With what a joy we had shared

Ignore hurts of all testing times


Oh! How happy we used to be

Feel care & concern like bless

Unknown to lapse of any time

As lost in own heavenly dream


That desired state got vanished

Like a blow of the misfortune

Not know why so in my plight

And pray much to seek mercy


 I do not intend to blame you

Departing from me like that

And leave me restless in pain

Respect wish of super power


Never mind if separated today

And suffer helpless heartaches

Exist by commands of the fate

And cherish memory as grace


I am sure we will connect again

And recognize each other also

As past soul mates in every life

Despite may face endless waits


Music now Playing :-

"Some days it happens"

Composed & Played by John Torp

Used with Permission


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