Memory stay forever

  memory stay forever

Memory stay forever


Many think & hear say

If anyone happen to be

Out of sight for a long

Then tend out of mind


But that is wrong idea

Since remembrance of

Person & past instance

Always continue silent


Not rely on time gape

Or span of association

With the close relative

And all casual connect


That be in present life

There or got detached

Due to the any reason

Or have part find exit


Thus none & nothing

Be erased from mind

As strongly engraved

In compact heart disk


Attach huge database

Of unique sort above

So everything stored

Forever narrate each


Have flashback mode

As grasp desired past

Relive the experience

Of pleasant moments


As well many a times

Cruel time of distress

Suddenly look popup

Hurt again fail power


Oblige us bow down

Before the Almighty

Spot memory repeat

That never get delete


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