Message for Fate of Destiny



Right you hold supreme powers

To play around human emotions

Show hopes of likely nice things

Fulfill the awaited dream wishes


And suddenly snatch that away

Within just ones blinks of eyes

Making the concerns shattered

With onset of hard hit situation


Sure you may be feeling happy

And smiling to watch subjects

Breathing in the sigh of grieves

Amid the helpless feels of heart


But today I like to inform you

Cruel play will not work now

Afraid poor mortal us on earth

While pain be painless shortly


We have now reached a stage

Immune to any plight to face

Lastly what you can really do

Nothing beyond call us back


And we donít care that action

Also welcome that summons

Lived invisible deaths in past

The real one may do us good

Stop all the miseries at once


But you will miss your plans

Find pleasure make us suffer

After all you require subjects

To wish fool around and win


Thus in your interest you see

May well please think twice

Before inflicting endless hurt

Of no recourse help recover


If want us continue in strides

Despite all your unfair games

Cause despair & desperations

Lead submits self vanish way


You have got be kind as well

Give courage & hopeful luck

And do bless some of wishes

Help sustain blow & proceed


Music now Playing:-

"I am sitting here by the fire"

Composed & Played by John Torp

Used with Permission

Background "natfl007.jpg" taken from


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