Missing reveal Importance


It is very suitable thinking to hold mistaken idea feel whatever comfortable & pleasant ways of today’s life state is going to be there forever in own special favoured bliss. Hence see no need to take due care of the concern chanced things & thank Almighty with gratitude. Moreover also can take the liberty to mishandle, neglect & afford to coolly overlook as may please as right over own possessions in false complacent ego, forget may turn to ashes instantly when wind of fate blows bring the misfortune.


It is much necessary to wisely understand well that each and everything howsoever may seem least helpful to lead the peaceful happy life but in fact have own valuable place make its unnoticed contribution for the betterment of ones life.


There are very few who may want to thank the nature for its kind gift of essential things in abundance must to exist like air with the oxygen, sun light, water, food grains, vegetables-fruits and so on if count on the list will appear many for the benefit of living beings.


The greatest gift granted to mostly all from the day one of the arrival on this earth, is a life itself in one piece with the inbuilt self protective functional system grow suitably with the time have amazing unique entity.


It is indeed so compassionate of the Nature to have established the chain of the relatives hold positions to take due loving care with the concern so as to support & look after as needed follow the respective place & age.


All are given destined chances blessed with birth or find the ways to acquire the needed resources & ability to try progress & prosper in own ways to fulfill the life dreams. However the success to reach the desired level depends on the individual competence & luck.


Some people have got the tendency to be ever dissatisfied & prefer to remain unhappy in self pity. They always have complains about the never ending wants in life rather than feel delight with the fortunate blesses already there. For instance I never feel dissatisfied or unhappy if there is something I can't have and I am surely very happy with the things I have.


We never know when wheels of time turn adversely to cause some favours of kind mercies suddenly missing. The real value & the importance of things come to light make one realize, how it was insensible to have earlier not bothered see worth appreciate since had taken them for granted. Then start regret & wish make the amends to rectify the situation back in favour as before but it may not be always possible. It is rightly said crying over the spilt milk never helps.


Such things could have been safeguarded easily with little observation around & understanding with insight feels to stop happen to ones dismay & distress. It is not difficult to anticipate the reaction & results of own deeds & also see the benefits of the fortunate state God has granted which many might have been deprived.


We can vision the plight of any one who may have little or no water & food even for few hours, the people who may not have enough clothes to wear & shelter above the head face the calamities of the seasons, no chance to educate & get good job to earn good living for self & family, suffer due to no good health or have to live without some limbs & organs of the body in despair & there be no one to stand by give needed emotional support & unfortunately none to care & concern worry about welfare give some peace of the happiness.


If just given a though for a while on such things one would sure refrain from misusing & disregarding ones nice better position of life. Moreover, one may not have heart to be fussy & waste any of the living facilities but to be careful preserve well continue to enjoy that.


Leave alone damage done due to the careless negligence, even a single mistake through oversight may weigh heavy for life time if no recourse of remedy there despite do anything. It is always not the Presence of availability but the Absence & feelings of the Missing reveal its own place of Importance in life.


Music now Playing "If could live my life again"

Composed & Played by John Torp


Used with Permission

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