Money fail buy everything


  Money fail buy everything


Money fail buy everything


True money has own importance

Aid to get essential things of life

And able live even luxurious life

Also can set life style of own wish


But need to remember mind well

Not everything can be purchased

As forever priceless and precious

Though be easy pay out any sum


Luck of healthy life be fit & fine

Hence no worry of any suffering

This may minor to major nature

And money may or not find cure


Care concern of near-dear ones

With pleasure of wonderful time

Be the bliss of fortune if can feel

If not & ignored in ego how pity


Fate might chance lovely choice

Effort own life in ideal situation

But if fail or unable pick chance

No money can reach missed bus


Several mistake pride rich stand

Sure can aim any degree & rank

With boast grab desired position

But never consider as competent


Likewise err believe can control

Standing of influence & support

With good hold of money power

Overlook base of how uncertain


And forget that everyone has got

Own thinking attach importance

Can value honesty & virtue a lot

So canít bribe them offer money


Sad few look have wrong notion

Of superiority sense live affluent

Afford behave arrogant & insult

But feel blunder while all desert


Sure would be in the worst state

When observe helpless situation

 See money ineffective hold over

Or stop exit of dears & own self


As such while may be fortunate

Enjoy things as great happiness

Yet be nice & friendly to others

Respect their dignity & feelings



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Composed & Played by John Torp

 Used with Permission

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