Money may supersede feeling


Believe it or not bitter reality

That money has power place

Confirm dominance voice say

Also capable shadow feelings


Hard to decide higher merits

Support superiority claims

And prevailing importance

Result life to greater extend


While money starts rule life

Achieve dazzling rich states

Sense has right to disregard

And ignore all decent norms


But if kind & humble feeling

Happen prevail upon the life

Feels care & concern for all

Esteem others plight & place


 Money fail buy concern feels

If paucity makes one helpless

One canít subsist on feelings

If lacking make life be lifeless


Complex to think better bless

One is really lucky if can find

Both present & complements

Make happy life of ones wishes


Music now Playing :-

"How much must I endure"

Composed & Played by John Torp

Used with Permission

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