Money Powers



Considered Supreme Powers

To enjoy privileged positions

And avail many things in life

By moving matters of wishes


Command countless Benefits

And seek all overriding favor

Influence liability of misdeed

And gain justice of clean chit


Corner essentials of Comfort

And lead lavish Riches of life

Guard hardships of Wanting

And save anxiety of Tensions


Capable of creating own laws

No one to object or Question

May penalize Innocent Ones

And select unworthy persons


Keep many at beck and Call

Always eager to obey orders

And extend all required help

To Self & Related near Ones


May overlook Flaw elements

Becoming Self - Detrimental

Greed & run to amass More

Might fall heavily on Health


Detaches company of caring

Denies time for Own Family

Deprives happy Time of Life

And all dreams look missing


Likely to confront problems

Created by Jealous Persons

And selfish wasted interests

Trying to make own Stands


Money has Important place

And Means of Many Wants

But not Every wishes of life

That is Desired & Precious



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