Most difficult things of life


  Most difficult things of life


Most difficult things of life


Continue efforts with require patience

When feel suffer the tough trying time


Avoid any attraction firm on principle

Though actually live face terrible time


Admit own mistake & lapse see effect

Adverse result no matter be innocent


Have courage take due responsibility

Of own decision not aim deny blame


Control tongue & temper prevent act

Cruel though angry & upset feel hurt


Also refrain wait retaliate get chance

Want teach due lesson as echo agony


Never regret good reason deeds later

See concerns have no value of worth


Overcome wish punish mean people

Though be crafty attain selfish want


May share sorrow in sympathy easy

But hard delight sees others success


Master art bluff & be clever tell lies

But hard be honest dare face upshot


Easy feel ill-fated people as inferior

Need noble heart sense respect well


Can say thanks though not genuine

And canít say sorry though act hurt


Wish all be nice forgive behave bad

But canít spare any if fail as expect


Clutch pride impress any be friend

But fail tolerate each others nature


Can be outspoken tell subject ideal

But shy admit love before own love


Know all human being be different

Yet compete & compare self situate


We crave fulfill dear dream desires

But just long realize until find bliss


And hope forget painful past event

But mind go on popup pinch peace


Always persist due respect from all

But easy disrespect any belief right


Ego & greed can force wrong deed

But canít escape pay price for guilt


Likewise there are many situations

Appear difficult handle as essential



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