Music magic



  Music magic


Music magic


If may be given little thought

Can feel & see wonder effects

Of the different music magic

Along intended due intensity

Influence the listeners’ mood


So amazing to know and hear

  Just the few composition notes

Have inbuilt multifold powers

To create different tone tunes

Depend on ability of composer


Even nature element too seem

Make own sounds as passes by

Prove exist own life effect feel

Could be experienced observe

Wind, sea, river & tree leaves


Best live companion to please

Spend time with lonely souls

Induce forget about hurts of

Miserable past sad moments

Also pacify the restless mind


Inspire brave feel of courage

Cope & withstand bad luck

Face any hard hit situations

Feel positive outlook in life

Not regret value blessed bliss


Considered as best treatment

For people suffers depression

And unable to have due sleep

Due to the haunting thoughts

Or tense in agony of sickness


The preferred enjoyment way

To reduce boredom of routine

And finish tedious work tasks

Or many want listen to music

Treat as nice favorite pastime


If sing prayer along the music

Whilst pray before own deity

Help to feel move in devotion

And at times in sort of trance

Stand before supreme powers


None will deny its importance

 And regard give special place

 Be there at each stage & state

Suit sentiment of the occasion

Begin life journey to back home


Many thanks to Music magic


Music now Playing "See the beautiful things in life"

Composed & Played by John Torp

Used with Permission

Background by John Torp



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