My kind Teacher

Picture with permission of John Torp

My inspiration for this page

 My kind Teacher


My kind Teacher


Really lost from where to start

State your noble way of treats

Intent to teach even novice me

Make understand hard lessons


Explain things in unique styles

To simplify system & go about

Amply clarify tell all the detail

So leave no room slip as grasp


In addition try giving the help

Continue alert must attention

Spend own busy time monitor

And review things move right


Has how an amazing patience

Not feel offended see mistakes

But gracefully extend support

Induce to make fresh attempt


As positive feels flow prevails

Blow away dust of inner fears

Fill heart with the confidence

Encourage try till achieve aim


One day that sure leads a way

Succeed get the desired result

Find what a joy of satisfaction

And delight learnt techniques


Believe or not I strongly feel

You are a wonderful Teacher

Who I regard in high esteem

Always have sincere gratitude


Bless me in your kind grace

Long live My Star Teacher!

Music now Playing "One day it happens"

 Composed & Played by John Torp

Used with permission

Background by John Torp


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