My sweet home



My sweet home


Naturally is the dream of all

Spirit struggle as need force

And sacrifice tempting thing

Picture one day realize wish


Find could buy a own house

Somewhere like grand bless

No matter be how far & size

As depend on ability pay for


But what a delight of liberty

And sense of hearty content

As can exist life of own style

Since no one meddle & hurt


Also faraway from so called

Relatives crave inflict insult

Aim levy unfair fault charge

As surely want basis trouble


But at last find what a relief

Not force suffer undue fight

Also no more useless tension

Save waste of time & energy


So then think of useful thing

And attempt work wish aim

Get happiness of fulfillment

And build what a serene life


Feel surely vanish tiredness

When comeback own home

Which seem be heaven like

Live alone or with nice own


And chance does wish thing

That once notion impossible

Can ever pleasure hold grip

And delight seem had talent


All want such wonderful life

May achieve after hard time

But need destine realize that

Utter here is my sweet home



Music now Playing "Here in my home"

Composed & Played by John Torp

Used with Permission

Background by John Torp


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