Need accept one as Is


  Need accept one as Is


Need accept one as Is


We do need to keep interact

With some one or the other

At different levels & states

Be in house, society, office

Or with friends & unknown


So as to have the casual talk

To convey own feel & view

On matters under discussion

Or on important things of life

Concern self or related ones


Each one is bound to react

The way may like be nature

Welcome as nice suggestion

Or think not be a good thing

And try to oppose & refuse


That can unexpectedly cause

Conflict & spoil relationship

Despite might have respect

And have had good relation

Since a long time of value


Due to selfish outlook set

And wrong attitude to see

Own say is only right way

Expect involved to believe

As Godís commandments


But sadly forget there can

Be different view & belief

Consider the same matter

Perhaps be much positive

And suitable to situation


Moreover each one has got

Right hold the own ideas

Be just for self move wish

Depend on individual need

With own mental makeup


We need to remember well

God has made everybody

Different live discrete place

With some special blesses

And have shortcomings too


The combination of both

Good & bad quality vary

And be regarded as given

May that like or dislike

None can hope to change


So wise to accept each one

As He & She is while meet

With due respect & smiles

Appreciate none is perfect

And nice include self also



Music now Playing "Do you think"

Composed & Played by John Torp

Used with Permission

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