Negative Mind



Think & view only adversity

At each place & point of life

Be personal & social stands

Or be official & commercial


Surround by missing clouds

Without hopes of good time

Every one going against me

So everybody unkind to me


I face agony of Raw - deals

At the alter of others gains

I have wished their welfare

Still none ever Care for me


None pay me due Attention

And deprive me of my right

Feels like an unwanted soul

All try to make me unhappy


Image of the Negative look

Show vision of useless Life

Lead gloomy state of mind

In direction of wishing exit


If quitting method succeed

World will forget you soon

But if fails, likely disability

And Misery of legal action


Life is not worthless to end

There is always Silver Line

With Kindle of New Hopes

And Promise of life Wishes


Come out from closed shell

Of discourage & dejections

See brighter side of blesses

Life is beautiful gift of God



Music now playing "Visen om de atten svaner"

Played by John Torp

Used with permission


Background by John Torp




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