Never share vital things


Many a times we tend to share our things in good faith & kind helpful feel or out of need of the hour with relatives, friends & even with unknown ones think can be no harm. Since apparently see no reason to worry even the least. But none can ever know when that may turn out as life time regret of no remedy.


Even as a child we are told it is good to share what we have or get as gift on some occasions with our people. So develop that habit like well behaved child & keep sharing our most favorite delicacies, toys, clothes, story books etc. with our siblings, friends & the visiting relatives of same age without any hesitation.


There is usual way amongst many of the collegians enjoy sharing food, soft drinks, missed lessons notes, books etc. & at times also exchange or lend nice clothes & ornaments for some functions & party. So also if happen to be rich lend own costly gadgets, car for some purpose & at times some money too to close friends for merry making.


But do not think need be prepared to bear the losses if own things get spoiled, dent or lost require to get repaired or replace. And if donít get back in time got wait a while & go without when want urgently. As though may fret & grumble a lot in fury can do nothing about that.


However, the state of the user borrower too no way less painful when something go wrong with the othersí costly & nice thing which they would have taken just for the fun to please use that for at least some time or maybe intend showoff that they too are well placed dressed like others in some gathering wish attract the attention.


That momentary joy plan may turn in tears if suddenly find is already spoiled or damaged before start to use. But happen not noticed at the time of taking & now canít save the disgrace of blame tell that fact. Maybe infer only as lie & so no sorry too look acceptable.


Again sure to face real hard hit trouble if the very expensive jewelry is lost unaware drop when & where & no amount of great search too help find that back. Then whole family will be in grave distress force toil hard so as to earn buy similar kind to replace soon. Till such time just canít show the face to the giver.


And so the giver frustrate in fury curse self for lending & think have made big loss expect no return. Later, even if get the replaced one as hear about the story of the incident, feel no solace. And forever remain unhappy remember that bitter experience. Maybe the lost thing has had some sentimental value which how can be compensated by any.


Many a times we decide to do the joint business or project with close relative or friend think can be together share the burden of finance require, benefit ideas to progress & will share the fruits of the prosperity equally or in a determined percentage basis.


Everything works fine initially but the problems & disputes start with the time when feel the differences about work loads, input-output levels, competition of future profit plans, ability & recognition etc. then start accuse & act like worst of the enemy, forget all past respect & cordial relation. And finally part from each other.


Likewise some have the habit of sharing all movement ideas, plans of the confidential matters & secrets concern self life state, home or office affairs with trusted close friend or dear relative in good faith. But never imagine that can be easily distorted & defy rested confidence divulge the matter to achieve some selfish interest or satisfy just gossip pleasure. That can prove dangerous but too late to realize & make a mend after irreversible harm is done.


We can say usually people have the thoughtless tendency to misuse the known information & mostly be careless use own & even othersí things, much more if be lucky have things for asking make no effort. So wise better not risk share at least crucial & important things sense possible undue trouble. But if do want continue the sharing habit, then need be prepared to face likely sorry time.  


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