Not easy enjoy own rights


  Not easy enjoy own rights


Not easy enjoy own rights


Can seem strange but bitter reality

See many mistake think can enjoy

Rightful rights believe like routine

Forget may never gain if not insist


As all time have to fight for rights

Also live alert exercise with might

Ensure against the undue problem

Might hit hard catch one unaware


Since may surprise when observe

Own related ones look go against

Basis upset act worse than enemy

And so helpless do anything then


Whilst in selfish world can locate

Just few who feel for others wish

Realize & suppose their situation

And feel delight spot them happy


Life truth says whenever there be

Any chance serves selfish benefit

Crafty mind overrule others right

So risk be too good as invite hurt


Thus be vital watch own welfare

Stop undue intrude take decision

Aim to influence the nice persons

Give-up own right & help please


Few people be so terrible devise

Things as can prove false image

And shift matter suit self wishes

Feel deny rights of concern easy


At times find few mutely permit

Disrespect of own rights silently

May be sense endure obligation

Or feel no daring exercise claim


Many a times may also observe

Powerful person show firmness

Abruptly be dumb suffer misery

And so stun fail exert own stand


As such let reason be any nature

Be within or beyond ones power

But result deprive rightful rights

Let be house, society or by office



Music now Playing "Come and hold my hand"

Composed & Played by John Torp

Used with Permission

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