Nothing is Impossible



  Nothing is Impossible


Nothing is Impossible


Everything is possible when

Have got the burning desire

And strong determined will

Move envisaged dream true


Method of the perfect plans

See the wise way to proceed

Decide in detail care factors

Also right time of execution


Sure lead one to right path

Fill heart with the courage

Grasp power of confidence

Face any hardships sustain


Let any constrains come-up

And troubles try to hit hard

Test patience suffer in stride

Never feel give-up ambition


But prove own merit values

While attain intend one day

Though things seem adverse

And none to stand in favour


Sight nothing comes so easy

If luck of destiny is missing

Hold upper hand influence

Weaken will for sometimes


Soon inner strength prompt

Not dishearten continue try

Till succeed achieve set goal

Find satisfaction get delight


Feel convinced see capacity

Hidden within & unknown

When happen come to light

Oblige all applause salutes


Where there is strong Will

There is always some Way

Help realize the dear Wish

As even providence Please


Well nothing is Impossible


Music "And so what if life isn't easy"

Composed & Played by John Torp

Used with Permission

Background by John Torp





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