Old age - bliss or misery


  Old age - bliss or misery

Old age - bliss or misery


Feeling bliss or misery at old age

Depend on situation & approach

With which one might have lived

The entire life & expect continue


Flow with up & downs of the life

As own destined lot together with

Natural ability & decision of will

May get success & failure on way


And reach the gate of the old age

Sure not all be the lucky likewise

Can live with beautiful gift of life

When chance seem realize desire


And later may also relive bygone

Amazing life moments with smile

As might have treasured in heart

So can recall whenever may wish


Really be what a serene life state

As feel satisfying content achieve

Things though root how struggle

But only feel earn the life leisure


Decide take-up whatever intend

Happen was not possible earlier

Under strain of family duty task

Along responsibility of earning


Those constrains seem got over

With full freedom make choice

Of life style just as want please

Hope be blissful in balance life


Can learn & master wish area

As have time enough no hurry

And create exclusive creations

Leave behind as finest forever


Still we should not undermine

Fact of suppressed memory of

Many bitter upset experiences

Keep popup like piercing pain


Possible as regret of own fault

Or source victim of others act

Effect terrible as fail to power

Be sad in silence & wipe tears


At old age may be suffer from

Some health problems as well

Can make weak & dependent

Must spend money exist okay


However seem feasible only if

 Clever plan save from income

And wise keep own ownership

Not at anyone’s mercy till end


If fail do so then sure to find

Aged life appear as the curse

But helpless make any revise

So just pray & wait find exit


As such fag end life could be

Lovely & bitter also at times

So better to see brighter side

Ignore bad ones live peaceful


And sincerely bow Almighty

Everyday grant the new day

Can live in company of dear

And share delight & sorrow



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Composed & Played by John Torp

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