Only supreme I

  Only supreme I

Only supreme I


Natural wishful wish

Of everyone on earth

Have luck exist bliss

Of I alone to prevail


Get care & concern

All crave please me

So can be easy sure

Always back & call


Stand short-temper

Abusive firing hurt

Expect punishment

If deny ask for help


In fact I hate those

Override my order

And pay price defy

My clear authority


I can do what I wish

Or just simply relax

Yet top pay & place

As none dare object


Cool no blame agony

Or some compulsion

Admit or avoid duty

Care near & charge 


Let none be jealous

Of my so good luck

Live & rule as king

Dictate all as please


This mistaken feels

Just crash to pieces

When fated destiny

Craft change shock


As everything & all

Show going against

Judge as unwanted

Stop all connection


And face hard blow

As fail make amend

Clear cloud of mess

So sad in futile fury


But that awful time

Occur be own invite

Not grasp due value

Of all others dignity


Truly time teach us

Realize importance

Of role play of each

As none be supreme

And wise kind to all


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