Overlooked kind Favours


  Overlooked kind Favours


Overlooked kind Favours


Definitely sad see some people

Simply overlook kind gestures

Of helpful favours of anybody

May have support achieve aim


How sincere really or act as if

Feel much thankful & obliged

As long as self interest served

Find others work make happy


Quick grasp the nice persons

Always ready & willing help

Anyone as go out of the way

At home, office also outsider


Forget are taken for granted

Suppose continue to extend

Desired instant help forever

Despite in difficult position


Selfish mind always believe

Everybody should do things

That can delight me & mine

Expect nothing beyond that


If happen to fall short then

Never mind feel be useless

And no harm be discarded

Imagine like steppingstone


Again if think self interest

Serve the purpose emerge

Accomplished to pleasure

See well afford least care


That temperament expose

When situation may arise

Request required support

Tend escape give pretext


Quite evident prove ignore

Also clearly mean to avoid

Although talk so shrewdly

Forget availed past benefit


Look no concern to sense

How badly that behaviour

Can hurt distressed person

Possibly undergo sad time


When may realize blunder

Sorry think of wrong way

Treat anyone how hurtful

May be too late to amend


Really live absurd outlook

Eager make sure register

Owned property & assets

But overlook the precious

Gem of every kind favour



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Composed & Played by John Torp

Used with Permission

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