Own view make life nice or sad


  Own view make life nice or sad


Own view make life nice or sad


Many a times we might happen hear

Some complain explain why own life

Look so unhappy as be force endure

On what all count & who can blame


Fault hope related one & everything

Must go by own desired mode of life

Intend suit expectation donít oppose

And help set the life position perfect


But nothing in world could be ideal

And subject to change time & again

Make everyone adjust as could best

As shift go by talent & live fated lot


Further basically each one have got

Be responsible while succeed or fail

Manage matter affect self & related

So wrong suppose depend on others


Maybe really no base believe sorry

But own over expectation presume

Things & all are terrible & against

Spot how casual root misery is sad


And crave others share those feels

In kind sympathy & offer support

While risk offend own nice people

As watch get happiness in self pity


Own thinking only emerge the life

Appear nice with whatever situate

Or seem sad though best of things

Be own choice decide what prefer


And clever realize not all be lucky

Can get easy life of whim & fancy

So must develop positive attitude

And patiently plan find hope aim


Happiest person in the world here

Is not fortunate exist all amenities

But who has skill & will craft best

Of on hand choice grab keen wish


Music now Playing "Hi there"

Composed & Played by John Torp

Used with Permission

Background by John Torp





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