Painful Regrets



Obvious human tendency

To dismay with visions of

Likely adverse happening

But see no safeguard way


Such events get recorded

In the subconscious mind

And keeps reminding one

In the moments of silence


The cause of actions taken

And purposeful omissions

May be planned intention

Or be probably oversight


End result alone to prove

Worth of decision merits

Disguised beneficial ones

But effectively undesired


Angrily hurt with insults

Ones helpless dependent

And overlook bad effects

Due to own life pressure


It is shocking and hurting

To find kind help support

Of care & concern feeling

Taken as idle mind whims


Cruel & queer play of fate

Prohibit timely right deed

And lead to still condition

To land up path of grieves


Mad run race of survival

Couldn’t spare any time

To extend pleasing smile

For making dears happy


May keep wishing to avail

Lost chance to come back

And permit make amends

But can not happen in life


Whatever be root reasons

Subjected persons suffers

Whenever memory replay

Past states of misfortunes


Music now playing :

"If you only could be here again"

Composed & Played by John Torp

Used with permission

Background by John Torp


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