Patient ways bless wishes


We know value of the patience

Still get upset & frustrate easily

When find things going wrong

And face the sudden adversity


Unable to bear the blow of fate

Feel stun & shattered in agony

Not know & decide what to do

Prone to react & behave badly


Evident things be bad to worst

Effect situation go out of hand

And invite more misery for self

Grieve with distress of despair


That crucial time calls for tact

And wise actions with patience

To control & cope the calamity

And minimize hurt of harm too


Sound right way to hear & say

But to follow this path requires

Will power to endure in silence

Withstand trial of testing times


The unfortunate spell of destiny

Canít remain forever as feared

When wind starts blowing well

Adjust life in expected manners


Cosmic powers look grant bliss

Like compensate unjust plights

And reward patient wise action

Fulfill the wishes at last in luck


In order to find dream desires

To chance the fortunate future

Care of the thoughtful attitude

Beside rational way be fruitful


Music now Playing:

"One day it happens"

Composed & Played by John Torp

Used with permission

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