Peace of mind


  Peace of mind


Peace of mind


We often hear some grumbles

Life so hectic full of tensions

Not allow can breathe at ease

Get even little peace of mind


Then begin grieve in anguish

As be outburst of frustration

Say own life perhaps is curse

Feel fate never look in favour


Why so much I have to suffer

Can be pay for past birth sins

Not know how much & cause

Look down as sigh hide tears


Life is really very complex

Shaken in scare & stunned

Visualize calamity of crisis

Feel the state snatch peace


If really want peace of mind

First need overcome anxiety

Sense worst of the hardship

End agitate panic in dismay


Then try think of root cause

Has drag lands in hot water

See & initiate due measures

Aim control with will power


Responsible factors may be

Many so as is solution ways

Capable fix any of problem

Put one at ease make peace


If some emotions are upset

As pertain to dear position

Leave to fate decide is best

Hold sincere trust in self


If negative feel bothering

Like anger revenge power

Or jealousy insult & place

Futile compare & compete


If feel hopeless & be sorry

Have guilt of unjust treats

Or regret fault & mishaps

Wise forget past & forgive


If there be financial aches

And fights between nears

Simple settle across table

Without greed grab more


Praying God in devotion

And meditation in silence

Might inspire tactful way

And hope work smoothly

Maintain precious peace


Music "It is such an empty feeling"

Composed & Played by John Torp

Used with Permission

Background by John Torp


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