Place of Small Things



Mostly ignored inferior & useless

Amid rare attraction of Attention

Never viewed with likely Goodies

That may be assigned Due Places


Big is nice & always be Beneficial

So run to grab & reach the dream

That is suppose to give satisfaction

With success of greater Happiness 


But sadly discards the real Values

Filled with Heart warming effects

Which small things also can make

And become memorable Incidents  


If that visualize, Life can be Rich

With many easy joyous Moments

Needing no big budget or waiting

But assuring Peace and Pleasures


Nothing be good, if beyond reach

And call for heavy toll to achieve

So wise to be logical & practical

And equate ones actual Capacity


Value small but nice experiences

Or think of little but timely help

Realize all Priceless Gift of God

And Bliss of Precious Treasures



Music now playing "spirit"

Quietude Midis from Dolphins Dream

Used with Permission


Background "lgren051.jpg" taken from         



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