Please forgive me

  Please forgive me


Please forgive me


These are the feelings of sensitive

Heart persist sense time & again

Owing sincerity of heart & mind

And reflect in eyes & on face too


Whenever feel perhaps have hurt

Anyone even in the least be sorry

And so desire beg the forgiveness

From affected person fear offend


In our life we interact with many

In diverse capacity as deal things

At personal, social & official way

With own, related & new one too


And sometime may upset any one

Right or wrong difficult to decide

By utter words, action, behaviour

Or can out of overhear something


Unable stand due to own pressure

Or compelling factors force cause

Flare-up of anger see unfair thing

And show want attention set right


Problem can be small or seem big

But reaction just canít imagine so

As depend on mood of the person

And if very cruel may regret later


Guilt feel be worse if grieved one

Though be upset still doesnít say

Single word as clarify own stand

Display respect, love & kindness


But that inner ache can mitigate

If only have courage to conquer

Faulty ego & admit the blunder

As both get peace before too late


Though appear hard thing to do

So continue storing in the heart

Useless garbage of bad memory

Of many past events in life span


Wise think all can subject to err

As none can claim exist superior

So seeking pardon doesnít mean

Be small but show humble being


Again as watch strange anomaly

Undergo play of ill-fated destiny

As spoil all well set vision desire

And appear basis hurt own dear


Also helpless stop tragic mishap

Feel shock & in agony of misery

And really keep beg forgiveness

As crave kindly maybe condone


But can never find solace in life

As that event get carved forever

And popup all time hurt replay

Need endure in fortitude as best



Music now Playing "You're the one and only"

Composed & Played by John Torp

Used with Permission



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