Poor Self-appointed Guardians


Readily available all the time

To provide number of options

And opinions on dos & doníts

That too as free of cost service


See immaterial needed or not

By the involved concern ones

Feel never mind if not called

Share view may be hesitation


They enjoy this social service

With amazing wide network

Cover all the subject matters

Of personal to official nature


All the collected information

Hastily try store on database

Then edit, add & delete work

To give own expert judgment


Their big hearts donít worry

Spend time, money & energy

Ignore own life urgent things

And fail to preserve self state


Possibly the pity of their lives

Their work is not duly valued

And appreciated by anybody

Treat as undue interferences


Also think have No business

And better mind own affairs

Might do a bit good live wise

Close these senseless services


How sad no one think respect

The self-appointed guardians

And desire to be left live alone

To decide things as may wish


But will someone can answer

Why land up run risk feel lost

Without this major life work

Thus feel best continue set up

 In spite of the strong condemn


Music now Playing "Long time ago"

Composed & Played by John Torp


Used with Permission

Background "natfl074.jpg" taken from



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