Power Play


  Power Play


Power Play


Natural instinct with many

Find ways & the possibility

Of grabbing power benefit

Also serve self end of desire


Could be official authority

Or money powers triumph

Might be physical strength

Or have inborn high place 


Imagine have right rule all

Happen live under or loves

Can compel obey the order

Else face some punishment


That be of any magnitudes

Mild to severe as feel ideal

And give fearful command

Satisfy ego leave no choice


Assume own decision final

Inflict hurt if dare disobey

Ensure no way find escape

So have to suffer in silence


Powers ride on head badly

Desire turn be brutal even

Let die if fail bear sustains

And pray hear mercy plea


Powers are good & needed

Move the smooth workings

Capable to manage matters

Of personal or official ones


But act as bad & injurious

Blind sense sees sentiment

When impulse as supreme

Fix others fate as if is God


Be certain a day will arise

Clear illusion show reality

Distress boomerang heavy

As all turn back in disgust

But hold no power to stop


Few only wise handle well

And careful of power play

Live humble & kind ways

Extend welfare happiness



Music now Playing "I love the way"

Composed & Played by John Torp

Used with Permission

Background by John Torp






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