Pray while peaceful mind


  Pray while peaceful mind


Pray while peaceful mind


Usual tendency of many people

Forget easy remember the God

And omit spend sometime pray

As by chance live the lovely life


And runaround amplify the joy

In own world of want & wishes

Mainly for self & for near-dear

Also if believe get name & fame


So ensure stay in regular touch

With who all expect contribute

Some support help achieve aim

Or think be honour move along


In such rush do so many things

Surely assume just no time left

Sense invisible God & His bless

When life prove smooth sailing


But all is not at all well always

And subject to change against

Affect welfare & crucial affair  

As could hurt self & own dear


Cause anxiety & worry be sad

As never suffer such hard luck

Also lost in misery of difficulty

Think no way tackle & control


And so lastly insight only way

Pray & plead God be saviour

As kindly forgive have mercy

And strike a way resolve mess


Also start essential measures

Of different form please God

Plan go temples give offering

Pick some vows & do charity


But fail realize crucial truth

Anxious mind can do rituals

As move places & spend also

But canít engross while pray


Since mind wander in panic

Keep fear dreaded calamity

Imagine arise the cruel time

For self & own related ones


Hence wise pray when mind

Is peaceful may concentrate

Feel with God for sometime

Get amazing spiritual spirit


And develop the great belief

God surely decide turn best

Though undergo ill-fated lot

And reside behind take care



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Composed & Played by John Torp

Used with Permission

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