Priority feel tend change


  priority feel tend change


Priority feel tend change


Usually we appear suppose

When anything & anybody

If once consider & place as

Priority wish be permanent


So faith favoured attention

Of the elevated importance

Over rest of any connected

And the vital life needs too


As wish grant special place

Get happiness act that way

Or indulge devotion oblige

Or stand compelling might


But nothing persist forever

So subject to regular watch

And sense if current situate

Exist same way or truly not


Human mind & desire feel

Suddenly can favor change

Base valid or strange cause

But happen remain unseen


Even if evident since a long

Important issues look drop

And person of high regards

See neglect please new one


Think possibly turn useful

Help serve the new motive

As prior crave have realize

Can easy lose past support


Then left to concern effect

No due hit back if want so

Or rather reduce relation

But go on yet as hold dear


 Or let decide fully detach

As own immense concern

So as save the future hurt

Also esteem someone else


Well the merit of wish act

Place anything significant

Or discount bliss like luck

Only time can testify later


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Background by John Torp



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